How Trees and Landscaping Affect Home Sales

Everyone loves looking at a beautiful house. You drive by and you see lush green grass, perfectly manicured plants, and well-trimmed trees that sit perfectly adjacent to a gorgeous house. That helps the property sell faster because people can see its value. If the yard is a mess, the house looks gross, and the trees are hanging over the roof, it’s not helping you sell the property. People look at that disaster image and automatically think to themselves, “ewww, I don’t want to live there”. It’s all about appearances when you’re looking to sell. Home buyers need to be in the right state of mind. Secondly, you’ve got two options. First, you can call a real estate agent or relator to help you sell your home. The agent will stop by your house, take some pictures, and list your property on something called the “MLS”. The MLS is just a big list of properties for sale in the area. Any time you go on Trulia, Red Fin, or a related home sale website, you’re looking at MLS listings. The benefit of this approach to selling your home is that you get the maximum amount of money for it (hopefully, that is). You can price your property at whatever you believe market value is and let it sit indefinitely until someone inquires about it. If the house sits for a few months and you get no bites, the realtor will probably ask you to drop the price by at least a few thousand to help it move faster. The problem with standard home sales is that it takes forever!  Some people don’t have time to wait 8 months to offload the property.  If you need cash right this minute, you can call a local home buying company. The real estate investor We Buy Homes Albany NY purchases homes as-is for cash within days and then either resells it or renovates the property for rental. Albany, NY’s leading cash home buyers can help you if:

  • You’re going through a divorce
  • You can’t afford the mortgage payments
  • You’ve got a lien on your home
  • You owe money
  • You can’t pay the property taxes
  • You’re looking to relocate right away
  • You want to downsize or upgrade homes
  • And much more

We Buy Homes Albany NY is the Capital Region’s premier as-is home purchaser and offers fast cash for homes in a hurry. While you’ll need to accept a lower price for your home, the massive benefit to working with investors instead of real estate agents is that you won’t have to wait. There are no bank approvals or credit checks. There are no home showings. Repairs aren’t ever needed. Their real estate investment company will buy your home for cash now and close on your schedule. No more waiting, ever. And when that happens, you won’t have to cut the trees, pave the driveway, or anything else. Leave everything alone, sign the contract, and you’re free. The house then becomes their problem – taxes and all.