The Photo Doll Toy came to be when I had to go back to work. Like most of us with small children, I had to leave my child in Daycare. I remember that first day when I had to leave my 2 year old son at Daycare like it was yesterday He started crying and put his little arms around my leg saying "Momma no go work". I looked down and could see the hurt in his eyes, and again he cried, "Momma no work". I felt as though someone stuck a knife through my heart, it hurt so bad. I had to rush out the door before he could see that I too was crying. As I drove to work crying with tears in my eyes, and the hurt in my heart I looked up and asked God, "Please God how can I leave part of me with my son, an arm or leg. Please God help me!". Then all of a sudden I saw this vision of a Photo Doll Toy, and I felt as though the world was lifted off my shoulders. I didn't have a worry in the world, because I was looking forward to going after work to buy a Photo Doll Toy to help my son cope with Daycare. That day after work I went to buy a Photo Doll Toy. I shopped for hours looking for this Photo Doll Toy, and the store managers all said that a doll or toy such as this does not exist. I had no choice, but to go home and make the Photo Doll Toy myself and it help my son tremendously.
Gloris Hodge is the Owner and Founder of Phototoyz 
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